About us...
Joey the cat and Fritzel also the cat
Not-so-much in common, only that we stick together
And... that we founded this site
We did this to unite as much people who are discontent with the reboot
And because of my crazy amount of nostalgia for the past
aka 90s and 2000s

Fritzel (left) & Joey (Right)

Look at them. They are on fire

Welcome visitors! If you clicked here I guess you are new! Thank you for coming, we must stand together on this one! Alright, in this page you may read many things about the show, interesting stuff and the total retro expierience! If you are some kid from the 2010s you aint welcome... unless you surrender to the 90s! In case you just did so, there is a guide for beginners here.
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Character profile (Our founders!) Joey the cat: My main OC. A cat whose head is stuck in the 90s, feels attracted to Rita and hates the modern world. Joseph Vil/Fritzel L. : A disciplined young cat with red ideals, loyal to them and ready to fight for them. RetroNarf! (Who are we!) Here I am, ready to talk about the origins of RetroNarf! Alright, so me, Joey' was a someone who loved the 90s and 2000s, and seeing how people were becoming dumb and how the past was starting to be forgotten, I decided to found RetroNarf with help of Fritzel, we made this little group with the following objectives: Unite the people with 90s nostalgia Inform the people of how modern times suck and how people are becoming dumb Convince people that 90s were better (The impossible Objective) Restore the 90s Our main focus were cartoons of course, mostly to unite people who loved 90s cartoons (Specially animaniacs) but also games like C&C and some similar old stuff like collecting VHS and others. We started making videos, archiving old websites and with our Art project, but... after watching the Animaniacs reboot we decided to also unite old fans who didn't like at all the reboot. Why?, well why not? history (About this page) This page was founded to honor all those animaniacs fan pages, the official pages, the groups, the 90s internet pages & all that data We now host tons of MBs of content from those pages, along with some originals :) Joey & Fritz founded the page as part of their 90s & Animaniacs project (aka RetroNarf! Project) projects (Our projects) Here are some of the RetroNarf! projects I think it is time to reveal what is RetroNarf! currently working on. 1. Saving old Animaniacs websites: Yes, we are saving different fansites from every source we can find: archive.org, oocities, geocities.ws, and others. Even tho this doesn't seem necessary by many, It is far needed. We have seen big sites such as the original geocities, old WB pages, WWOEC, and many others... We just cannot risk having to lose such valuable data like games, art, fanfics, info & memories. We actually expect archive.org to die sometime in the future, as all websites do at some point. 2. Making videos talking about modern vs 90s Well, we are definitely loyal to the 90s, and since we feel the world is going to heck and that kids from these modern times are becoming dumber and dumber, we decided to start this initiative to try to convince as much people as possible to join the 90s nostalgia. 3. Saving animaniacs fan art: Similar to our Number #1, we wouldn't want to lose any image of fan art from Animaniacs. Even tho this may seem almost impossible, a good number of pics have been archived in case something bad happens. Currently archiving as much as possible from Rita and Runt, Buttons and Mindy and Slappy and Skippy (For now other characters aren't being archived as much as the ones I just mentioned since they have from over 10k images,,.) 4. Archiving Animaniacs collectables: Currently getting as much animaniacs stuff as possible like VHS, Cassettes, CDs, taps, figures, cards, videogames & other stuff! Literally all funds RetroNarf! receives even from our own pockets gets spent on this, by the way if you would like to help or donate, we would be glad of having you! (PS At the moment we would enjoy having a donation or help from Mexico as we found a quite interesting Animaniacs merch from there) 5. Making Art We also work on making fan arts mostly of Buttons and Mindy & Rita and Runt. Sometimes Colin too Me, JGM98, as the main artist from RetroNarf, am a newbie but i hope i can become better and better over the time Current art working on: Rita and Runt fanarts A parody of Goldeneye with Animaniacs characters Colin stuff Buttons and Mindy [out of ideas for now] And also, there is a BIG, really big project I am working on, unfortunately im too lazy to finish it... but im glad to say I have the tools to finish it and the time EXTRA: Fritzel & Joey's personal project Moscow, USSR 1985 (on gmod) A project with over 7 years of development and... We screwed up Our small community literally wants to kill us for taking so long and want to smash us for trying to add AOLemu as an obligatory mailing system And also want to kill us for changing the platform of the game Tbh if the community keeps being such a pain in the back, we may actually quit Just like that We cant just stand having worked for 7 years and some newbies who played just for 2-3 years (and werent even active) think we suck If we quit this project we will focus on RetroNarf! 100%
[character profile][RetroNarf!][history][Projects]
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