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AOL Members' Choice

These sites have been recognized by America Online's members for their superior content and presentation. When you're surfing the Web you can identify sites that are AOL Members' Choice sites by the logo. Look for them!

* WebCrawler With one of the Net's largest search databases and reviews of the best of the Net featured, WebCrawler is one of the simplest search engines today.

* Excite Excite brings you top-notch editorial reviews combined with the most powerful search engine available on the Internet.

* ZD Net The most comprehensive computing information on the Web, ZD Net provides computing news, product reviews, shareware library, the latest Internet technology and computer gaming--all from the Ziff-Davis family of magazines.

* Deja News Deja News is the source for Internet newsgroups. This site is a comprehensive road map to making the most of the Usenet, whether you are checking it out for the first time and you're on old-timer.

* Magellan Internet Guide Magellan is an online guide to the Internet that includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine that helps you find what you're looking for.

* Switchboard Looking for someone? Switchboard is free nationwide residential and business directory. Find over 10 million businesses across the U.S.A. for free. Whether or not they're on the Web, day or night with immediate results.

* MTV Online Edgy as ever, MTV online connects you to the music and video world, the latest in pop culture trends, and news and views from around the globe.

* Riddler A pioneer in creating interactive games on the Web, Riddler is never short on prizes and new games to tempt your skills.

* Sportsline USA Join the fun at America's most exciting sports community. Cheer, argue, and get the exclusive inside scoop as the stories break. Compete for big cash prizes, listen live to SportsLine Radio, and get the inside track on your favorite teams.
* The Weather Channel The Weather Channel will blow you away with in-depth coverage of today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's weather. provides maps, summaries, highs, lows, and forecasts for weather across the nation.

* Warner Bros. Online Warner Bros. Online offers visitors an in-depth view of everything this premiere entertainment company has to offer: television, movies, home videos, music, comics, and more.

* Mapquest With this interactive street guide, you get access to maps anywhere in the world. Check out great cities from Anchorage to Vancouver! You can even add your own points of interest to maps and save them to come back to later!

* Jumbo One of the Internet's largest collections of shareware, freeware, and games. Categorized into 15 subject areas, Jumbo is one of the top providers of reviews and resources for computer users.

* HBO Known for quality TV entertainment, HBO continues the tradition online with provoctive content both original to the Web and related to popular on-air programs. In addition to exclusive entertainment sites, offers a full range of information about HBO services and the HBO on-air schedule.

* Gamespot Gamespot is the premiere site on the Web for the most up-to-date demos, previews, reviews, news, features, hints, tips, and cheats on all the latest PC games and hardware. GameSpot also gives away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes every month. GameSpot--no other online gaming zine comes close!

* Liszt Liszt is the largest directory of e-mail discussion groups. It updates its database weekly to keep accurate information on over 66,000 mailing lists.

* NetGuide The Online version of NetGuide Magazine brings in-depth reports of the latest online technologies and personalities behind the Internet industry.

* iGuide Calling itself the "the Internet's ultimate guide to entertainment... and more," iGuide is the definitive resource for information on the Entertainment industry.

* Tripod: Tools for Life Tripod helps you do the most with the least, giving you the information you need for building your career, your communities and your well-being.

* HomeArts From the publishers of Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and Popular Mechanics, HomeArts brings you insights into relationships, living, and hobbies.

* Windows Internet Magazine On top of the latest Windows updates, the Windows Web site provides news, software, shortcuts, and an interactive buyer's guide to PC users.

* NetGuide Live NetGuide Live is a comprehensive daily guide to what's live, what's new, and what's changing online. The Grid, a guide to online programming, tells users about dozens of scheduled events found on AOL and the Internet.

* Extra Extra brings you the latest news and behind-the-scenes reports from the Entertainment industry and features celebrity interviews, exclusives, and film stills of your favorite stars.

* Salon An interactive magazine of books, arts and ideas, Salon explores not only authors, artists and thinkers, but a kinetic community of readers and kindred spirits eager to thrash out cultural issues.

* City.Net City.Net is an interactive travel planner brought to you by the folks from Excite. Savings at over 3,000 hotels worldwide. Book travel through City.Net and receive cash bonuses, discounts on vacation and cruise packages at popular destinations, and more!

* DC Comics Comic books are still comic books, but with graphic novels and multimedia comics, they're not just for kids (if they ever were). Check out this graphics-intensive site featuring your favorite DC Comic standbys, as well as new characters and products.

Macromedia Get Shocked! This site is the ultimate resource for Web enthusiasts, multimedia developers, and graphic designers. It showcases the Web's most popular plug-in, Shockwave, as well as everything else this cutting-edge software company has to offer.

* Zippo's Usenet News Service Zippo's provides access to various Usenet newsgroups through NNTP, and it's Web based interface Direct Read News(tm). In a nutshell, this interface lets you to read, decode, and post to Usenet news all through the Zippo Web site with a basic Web Browser.

* The Electronic Newsstand Read lots of magazines without littering the floor with subscription cards. Over 200 magazines and e-zines online, plus links to thousands more. Plus, you can personalize your own reading rack.

* Total NY Not just for New Yorkers! Total New York brings you the spirit of New York City, as well as, a guide to NYC. With the largest online directory to NYC, cultural reviews, features, and live cybercast events, Total New York bridges the gap between real and virtual space.
* Firefly When you pick a movie or a new album, do you listen to the critics or to your friends? Firefly gives you the best of both camps, with communities of similar interest, plus resources, shopping, and more.

* HomePC At HomePC you'll find the current month's issue, plus lots of information and links that you can't get in print. HomePC also lets you search past issues of the magazine so you will be sure to find just what you're looking for.

* Urban Desires Urban Desires is an interactive magazine of metropolitan passions. Consistently one of the coolest and smartest sites online, with great features, quality content, and cutting-edge design.

* Motley Fool Created on America Online by two brothers, the Motley Fool covers all aspects of personal finance--stocks, money markets, and other personal investment opportunities, with good taste, and great humor.

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