I knew I had to act now, 10 days from Bob's birthday. Of course a cool party would be hosted by me for Bob and his friends,

I couldn't stop thinking about Majo, she was the hottest girl in the neighborhood...

I knew I could do anything with her using Bob's birthday as an excuse

I always dreamed of inviting a girl to get something to eat, I was thinking of Fridays or Chili's

But... I knew that I could invite her to the nevera fit, a cool restaurant with tons of desserts

And hopefully allowed dogs, so I had the perfect excuse for the invitation

It was a dark night, I was walking with Majo to her home

"Hey Majo, are you free on Saturday?" I asked a bit nervous

"Sure!, why you ask?" She asked, "Well, I wanted to invite you to eat, you know, something on the Nevera Fit"

I said, "Sounds good! Mica told me about it sometime ago" she replied, "Yeah, she also told me that's why

I wanna go with you there, she says there are delicious waffles with maple syrup and ice cream, and...

They allow dogs!" I said, "You think Bob & Oli will let us eat tho?" she asked laughing a bit

"Well, that's why I wanted to invite you to the pentagon (Small) so we could run and of course so our beloved dogs would let us eat" I replied

"Well, It sounds great! We meet at 8 am at the pentagon alright?" said Majo, "Of course! I will be there! Bye!" I replied

I then proceeded to walk to my home thinking of how I managed to make my dream come true...

It was the day, I met with her in front of my house

Her clothes... Her sports shorts were so tight, her legs were so sexy and her boobs looked so good...

"H-Hi Majo..." I said, "Hi Joseph, ready to run and eat?" she asked

"More than ready!" I replied. As we ran, my eyes couldn't stop watching her ass...

I couldn't stop thinking of how lucky her boyfriend was for having such a sexy girlfriend...

I would never have someone like her, not even a GF... I was lucky for having a friend...

We stopped at a small park so our dogs could play, we sat on some trees and I started looking at her

"Hey why you looking at me so much? I got something on my face?" She asked

"Well, uhh , no but, well you see..." I started saying before she interrupted me with a kiss

My mind went blank, as I could not understand why she did that

"You always wanted that, didn't you?" she asked as she started touching my lips

"But... you have a boyfriend..." I said as my mind was confused af, "I do, but I feel bad for you, a little kid

Who hasn't even lost his virginity, so sad..." she replied.

"I'm... I'm a failure..." I said sadly, "Don't worry, I can help you feel like someone who is a happy man" she said

as she started touching downhill, my eyes went up and she whispered "Let's go to the restaurant now"