Runt: "Rita, do you have any idea where are we?"

Rita: "I don't know for sure Runt, but looks like we are stuck on some kind of 90s geocities website"

Runt: "Yep Rita, it looks like a 90s website, definitely definitely geocities website"

Joey: Alright let me start talking about the site. So, this is a site aimed ONLY at people who love the original series, I mean if you enjoyed the reboot alrighty you can stay BUT no young kids! Unless they are fully commited to the original series and to the 90s!

Fritzel: But enough of that Joey, yes, Joey's head is stuck in the 90s, no doubt he doesn't like the reboot, but ey, many people don't, we think...

Now, talking as myself, Greetings! I'm Joseph, or better known as Joey the cat and I proudly present the Ultimate Unofficial 93' Animaniacs Fan site!

This is the ultimate fan site for everyone who loves the 90s and Animaniacs, and definitely not for you if you are into the reboot :/

Enjoy your stay and mail me if you want to talk a bit with me!


Favorite Animaniacs of this page: Rita and Runt

Honorable Mentions: Colin, Slappy & Skippy, Buttons & Mindy

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